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A service-based network

Le Soleil Shipping Agencies, Inc. is a proud agent of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, one of the world’s largest shipping companies. The Philippine-based corporation is also a representative of Gold Star Line, Ltd., one of the fastest-growing logistics firms in the global scene.

This network empowers Le Soleil Shipping Agencies to provide top-notch service to its clients. Backed by the wide-ranging capabilities of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services and Gold Star Line, Le Soleil Shipping Agencies offers end-to-end multi-modal routes to global destinations. 

Founded in 2009, Le Soleil Shipping Agencies is rapidly growing. It can handle all shipping-related challenges, including the processing of import and export cargo paperwork. The company prides itself in being able to find the right solution for a client’s every need. 

Le Soleil Shipping Agencies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Ynion General Holdings.
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Le Soleil Shipping Agencies, Inc. aims to service all customers with utmost dedication; to grow with our partners and to continue investing in our people. Our commitment is to provide value to our shareholders without compromising our corporate responsibility.


To be a world class shipping line agent and internal logistics component in the Philippines.